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Hero3+ Video Cameras From GoPro

by Joseph
GoPro Hero3+

GoPro Hero3+

New from GoPro comes the latest in their line of Hero “action cams.”  It’s the Hero3+, and like previous installments, the Hero3+ is engineered for point-of-view shots in both video and still photography, allowing you to get the kinds of photos and videos that athletes years ago could only dream of.

The Hero3+ from GoPro comes in a $400 Black Edition, a slightly less-improved Silver Edition for $300, and a $200 White Edition. But all three cameras are a pretty clear step up from previous entries in the brand, as the detailed rundown of the camera’s features at GoPro’s website here will demonstrate.

You can also purchase your own GoPro Hero3+ video camera from the above website, and be on your way to making the kinds of videos that will either thrill or horrify, depending on your BMX skills.

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