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GoPro Meets Fireball for Great Wedding Video

by Joseph
GoPro x Fireball Wedding Video

GoPro x Fireball Wedding Video

Wedding videos aren’t generally a place for experimentation, but a recent exception to that rule resulted in a pretty entertaining piece. Some genius/hero had the brilliant idea to produce a wedding video by attaching a small GoPro camera to a couple bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Then, the video practically made itself.

Everybody loves Fireball, so the bottles didn’t have much trouble getting passed around the wedding party, and the GoPro didn’t have much trouble capturing all the action. And you have to admire everyone’s faith in the hygiene and cleanliness of their family, friends, and acquaintances, since nobody even wipes off the bottle before taking a swig.

You can see what happens when you attach a GoPro camera to a bottle of Fireball at a wedding party below. Good luck to whoever tries to top this for their own wedding video.  Things might get out-of-hand pretty quickly.

And if the people at Fireball don’t snatch this up for a commercial as soon as possible, they’re even crazier than I thought.

Here’s the video:

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