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Google Self-Driving Vehicle Operator: World’s Easiest Job?

by Joseph
Google Self-Driving Vehicle Operator

Google Self-Driving Vehicle Operator

No, this isn’t a joke.  Google is actually looking to hire “self-driving vehicle operators,” despite the obvious oxymoron built into the phrase. Nevertheless, a Google self-driving vehicle operator needs to be college-educated, able to type at least 40 words a minute, and willing to sit in a car from between 6 to 8 hours a day.

The point of a Google self-driving vehicle operator’s job is to test the cars’ myriad safety functions, as well as its ability to handle all the unforeseen obstacles and kinks that might be encountered on the road. To do this, operators will need to stay connected to “four communication channels simultaneously via various high- and low-tech mediums,” so you can forget about catching up on your reading while you ride.

It still seems like it might be a pretty cool gig for people willing to temporarily relocate to Phoenix, Arizona for it. You can apply right here as long as you have a clean driving record, and get ready to get huge laughs when people ask you what you do and you reply “I’m a Google self-driving vehicle operator.”

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