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Google Self-Driving Car Prototype Unveiled

by Joseph
Google Self-Driving Car

Google Self-Driving Car

It’s no secret that Google eventually wants to make navigating actual highways as effortless and simple as they made navigating the internet, but it’s still pretty impressive to see what their years of research and development have culminated in with the unveiling of the Google self-driving car prototype.

While Google has given the public a look at the ongoing project in the past, this is the first time we’ve seen an actual working Google self-driving car prototype. According to Google, it’s “fully functional,” although actual video or photographic evidence of the car in action is unfortunately still to come.

But you can read the announcement of the working Google self-driving car prototype over at Google+ here. And hopefully, we’ll get to see how the car actually works sooner rather than later – as for when the car will actually be seen on the highway, that’s basically anyone’s guess at this point.

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