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Google Overtakes Apple As World’s Most Valuable Brand

by Joseph


Back in October we told you about how Apple had managed to become a more valuable brand than old stalwart Coca-Cola, but as a sign of how fast things change in the 21st century, that’s already old news, because Apple has lost its spot to Google (at least according to one rubric).

The news comes from Millward Brown, a research firm that gets paid to figure out things like brand value. According to the firm, Apple recently lost 20% of its brand value and is now worth a paltry $148 billion, while Google experienced a surge of 40% to $159 billion, making it the most valuable brand on Earth.

What that actually means for Apple and Google is probably a matter for debate, but I like to imagine that the ghost of Steve Jobs is pretty annoyed at the development. For more detailed information, as well as a list of the top 100 brands right now, you can take a look at the Milward Brown website here.

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