Home Tech & Gear Google OnHub Router: “A Router for the New Way to WiFi” (Video)

Google OnHub Router: “A Router for the New Way to WiFi” (Video)

by Joseph
Google OnHub

Google OnHub

It might not be as sexy as a self-driving car or some of Google‘s other technological innovations, but if you’ve ever experienced router problems at home you’d probably welcome a simpler, more efficient, and more user-friendly device that performs the functions of a router without the hassles. And that’s exactly what Google OnHub is purported to do.

Google OnHub eliminates many of the headaches associated with a traditional router, like long, impossible-to-remember passwords and inexplicable blackouts. It works with the Google On companion app, so you can control the router from anywhere, provided you have access to your smartphone.

To see more about it, you can watch the video below or you can read a lot more about Google OnHub over at Google’s official site for the router right here. Pre-orders are also being accepted for just under two hundred bucks a pop, with shipments happening “in the coming weeks.”

Here’s the video:


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