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Google Lens: Give Your Smartphone “Everything Recognition”

by Joseph
Google Lens via CNET

Google Lens via CNET

The march of augmented reality technology marches one step closer to Samus Aran-style visors for every man, woman, and child with the unveiling of Google Lens. Basically, the idea behind Lens is very similar to the dear, departed Google Glass, but instead works with your smartphone camera as an addition to the Google Assistant and Google Photos apps.

Google Lens is purported to be able to recognize everything of use in the real world – one obvious function it can be used for is to call up restaurant information when you aim it at a nearby eatery. But it’s likely that this is just child’s play compared to what this technology will be able to do in the very near future. It was announced via the following tweet from Google’s Twitter account:

Stay tuned for more information on Google Lens and other new features at the official site for Google Assistant right here.


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