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Google Home: Make Your House as Smart as Google

by Joseph
Google Home

Google Home

Google‘s answer to the Amazon Echo voice-controlled audio hub/speaker is called, simply, Google Home. Like Echo, Home gives you a wide variety of functions and capabilities at the tips of your vocal cords, and unlike Echo it’s got all of Google’s services and off-shoots behind it.

That includes Google Chromecast, which infamously won’t cooperate with Amazon products like Echo, so you can turn on your Chromecast just by speaking above a whisper as long as it’s already connected to your TV. But the real killer app of Google Home is its automatic voice responses, which answer your questions in the same vein as Siri or the Echo’s Alexa.

Google Home will roll out sometime later this year, so you can expect pricing information and other release details to be available soon. In the meantime, you can see what it’s all about and sign up for future updates at the Google Home site right here.

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