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Google Fit: Google Unveils New Fitness Tracking System

by Joseph
Google Fit

Google Fit

Usually, Google is establishing trends rather than following them, but in the case of fitness tracking technology I guess they had to get on the bandwagon sooner or later. And so they have, with Google Fit, an app that runs on Android devices with the goal of helping the user to get (or to stay) in shape.

Google Fit works with the sensors that are already built into most Android devices, and keeps track of the user’s exercises—as long as it’s not swimming, which will probably damage your phone. It then gives you a “health report” that you can either digest on your own or use in conjunction with other fitness services like Nike+.

Google Fit is free for Android devices, and for more information, as well as to download your copy and eventually get in shape, check out the product announcement on the Android blog right here.

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