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Google Launches Find My Phone Feature for Android

by Joseph
Google Find My Phone

Google Find My Phone

Apple has long collected props on its “Find My iPhone” feature, which gives absent-minded iPhone users a nuclear option for locating their lost phones. Now, Google has finally come out with its own¬†Find My Phone¬†feature for Android, which works in much the same way.

People who have the latest Google app update on their Androids already have access to the Find My Phone feature, and all they have to do to access it is type “Find My Phone” into Google. The app does the rest, showing you a map with the location of your phone, and you even have the option of turning on the ringer to fine-tune the search.

If you’re updated on your Google app, you can give Find My Phone a try over at Google right now, or you can just read about how the feature works at Google+ here.

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