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Google Developing Smart Contact Lens for Diabetes Patients (Video)

by Joseph
Google Contact Lens

Google Contact Lens

If you see a headline that says something like “Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens,” you could be forgiven for assuming that it’s the next generation of Google Glass, a contact lens that lets you check Facebook while driving and whatnot. But actually, Google Contact Lens has a much more specific and admirable purpose: to help people suffering from diabetes check their glucose levels more easily and conveniently than current methods.

The Google Contact Lens works as a much easier (and less painful) way to check one’s glucose levels than the current standard of drawing blood from your fingers several times a day. It measures glucose in the wearer’s tears once a second, and Google hopes to add a small LED light to warn wearers when their glucose is getting low.

Google Contact Lens is in part the brainchild of Babek Parviz, who is seen discussing a similar idea in the video below. And you can check out Google’s official statement on their entry into the medical field here.

Here’s the video:

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