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Google Cardboard: DIY Virtural Reality (Video)

by Joseph
Google Cardboard (Photo via Uncrate)

Google Cardboard (Photo via Uncrate)

At first I thought Google Cardboard was a leftover April Fool’s Day prank, but it’s actually very real. Basically, it’s a cardboard enclosure that anyone can (supposedly) make for themselves that works in conjunction with your smartphone and a free Google app that gives you a virtual reality experience that doesn’t require any fancy or expensive hardware like this.

To make Google Cardboard happen for yourself, you need an Android smartphone, some cardboard, a couple of lenses, some magnets, some strips of Velcro, a rubber band, a ruler, an X-acto, some glue, and a little bit of determination. Oh, and you also have to have no problem walking around with a cardboard helmet on your head.

If you’re curious about what exactly Google Cardboard can do, you’re not alone, because the project is still in the experimental stage. But you can get all the info you need from Google right here, and TechCrunch has a pretty cool demonstration of it that you can see below.


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