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Google Calendar Goals: Get Your Life on Track

by Joseph
Google Calendar Goals

Google Calendar Goals

Keeping track of your schedule via Google Calendar has long been a good way to stay organized and productive, but now there’s a new feature that aims to help users achieve even more. Google Calendar Goals lets you program your own life goals – exercising more regularly, reading more regularly, whatever – and fits them into your preexisting schedule.

Google Calendar Goals starts by asking you what it is you’d like to accomplish, when you’d like to accomplish it, and how long you expect it to take on each day that you do it. Periodic reminders will keep you on track to reach your goal, and if you schedule a meeting or appointment during your scheduled goal-time the app helps you quickly and efficiently reschedule.

You should start to see Google Calendar Goals rolling out in your own Google Calendar soon if it hasn’t already, and you can read more about the feature at the Google blog right here.

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