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Google AutoDraw: Turn Your Doodles Into Art (Video)

by Joseph
Google AutoDraw

Google AutoDraw

Some of us, as the saying goes, can’t draw a straight line to save our lives. There are a variety of different aids to help those of us with these difficulties, but the latest is the first to use Google‘s artificial intelligence technology. It’s Google AutoDraw, available now for your doodling pleasure.

Google AutoDraw uses AI to guess what your incoherent chicken scratches are supposed to represent, then gives you a wealth of neatly-drawn options that turn your doodles into, well, if not art, at least something that has identifiable representational visual properties. The idea behind this technology is that it gives everybody the ability to make quick sketches into drawings that can be identified without you having to say, “it’s a pumpkin,” or whatever—instead, it will just be a pumpkin.

See how it works in the video below:

And if you’re itching to try it for yourself, you can do so at the Google AutoDraw site right here.

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