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Google Ara Modular Smartphone Finally Unveiled

by Joseph
Google Ara Modular Smartphone

Google Ara Modular Smartphone

You may remember Project Ara, the prototype for a modular smartphone Google released to the public very early last year. Unless you’re some kind of smartphone devotee, it’s also possible that you forgot all about it in the ensuing 16 months, but now the Google Ara has been completed and is evidently on its way to being released this fall.

A quick refresher on the Google Ara modular smartphone: Instead of being a single, inflexible piece of hardware, the Ara is totally modular, with six different slots for whatever blocks the user needs—extra battery power, enhanced camera, and whatever else developers can dream up.

The photo up at the top shows what the Google Ara will probably look like when it finally hits stores sometime in the next several months. In the meantime, you can get a lot more information on the smartphone and what it can do at the official Ara site right here.

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