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Goofy Foot NES Controller for Left-Handed Players

by Joseph
Goofy Foot NES Controller

Goofy Foot NES Controller

Since the dawn of time, left-handed video game players have been what’s commonly referred to as SOL. In more enlightened times, a special controller for the left-handed would have been standard procedure, but it’s taken until relatively recently for it to be a consideration.  Now, a historical wrong has been righted with the Goofy Foot NES Controller.

The Goofy Foot NES Controller essentially looks like a standard NES controller that’s been flipped in the mirror, to the advantage of southpaws and right-brained individuals everywhere. It’s compatible with the original Nintendo Entertainment System and any other NES clone with a standard controller port, so ambidextrous fairness across players can now finally be achieved.

You can see more about the Goofy Foot NES Controller and its current Kickstarter campaign in the video below, and check it out on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders are priced at $46 and up. As you might expect from such a niche product, it’s still a ways off from its crowdfunding goals, which may mean it’s time for some of us right-handed people to chip in and help out.

Here’s the video:


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