Home Entertainment “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” by AJJ Gets OK Go-Spoofing Music Video (Video)

“Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” by AJJ Gets OK Go-Spoofing Music Video (Video)

by Joseph
Goodbye, Oh Goodbye

Goodbye, Oh Goodbye

As an internet content provider, I myself have been guilty of propagating the myth of OK Go and their show-offy music videos that place nerdy gimmickry first and music a distant second. And now I and everyone like me have been called to task by AJJ, and the hilarious video for their song “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye.”

The video for “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” will look familiar to anyone who’s ever watched an OK Go video—the color-coordinated choreography, the long-take steadicam aesthetic, and (the coup de grace) the self-congratulatory epilogue. It’s just a dead-on parody from beginning to end, and what do you know: The song is OK, too.

You can watch the video for “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” below, and I can guarantee it will be the first thing you think of when OK Go releases their next video to thunderous ovations across the world wide web. For more from AJJ, check out their official site right here.

Ok, go:


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