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Good Clean Mud Hand Cleanser

by Joseph
Good Clean Mud

Good Clean Mud

Mud usually gets a bad rap in the cleanliness department, since it often sticks to stuff like cars and jeans and turns into a mess. But it can also be used as a hand soap if it’s formulated properly, which is the idea behind Good Clean Mud hand cleanser.

That formulation entails combining authentic bentonite clay (otherwise known as mud) with oil of the coconut and the olive, as well as none of the artificial chemicals you find in most hand soaps nowadays. According to the makers of Good Clean Mud, the result is an all-natural cream that will make your hands clean and your skin feel great. All thanks to Mother Earth!

You can buy your 12-ounce tin of Good Clean Mud for under $14 on Amazon here. And if you ever find yourself preparing gift baskets in Hollywood, remember this product for the next time Matthew McConaughey wins an Oscar.

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