Home Tech & Gear Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass: Indestructible iPhone Screen Protectors

Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass: Indestructible iPhone Screen Protectors

by Joseph
Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass

Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass

There is almost nothing quite so demoralizing as a cracked iPhone screen. The Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass is a new screen protector that can help you ensure that you will never have to check texts through a giant, horrific crack in reality, and it’s backed up by an attention-getting lifetime warranty.

Gonzo Guardz ForeverGlass lives up to its name by approaching the hardness and indestructibility of diamonds. And even if by some scientific miracle your ForeverGlass screen protector does get damaged, it’s protected by a lifetime “waRRRanty,” the three R’s standing for ‚ÄúReplace, Renew and Repeat.” I just wish more things were covered under such a plan, since doing those three things seems like a good idea in a lot of different contexts.

You can pre-order your own Gonzo Guardz Forever Glass for just five dollars at the product’s Kickstarter page right here, where you can also see some nifty demonstrations of just how strong this glass is.

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