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‘Gold’ Starring Matthew McConaughey: Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


Let’s face it, this has not been a good summer for movies. But in my anecdotal experience, a bad summer usually means a better fall and holiday season at the movie theater, and now we’re getting a few trailers for this year’s holiday prestige lineup. One of them is for Gold, the simply-titled Matthew McConaughey vehicle coming to theaters this holiday season.

Gold is about a search for lost treasure in the jungles of Borneo, but the real treasure is McConaughey’s hair (or rather the lack thereof), which adds another do to the actor’s impressive follicular resume.

You can watch the trailer for Gold, directed by Syriana’s Stephen Gaghan and also starring Edgar Ramirez, below. If you like what you see, mark your treasure map for December 25th, 2016, since the movie is set to conclude its journey into movie theaters everywhere on Christmas Day this year.

Here’s the trailer:

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