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Goji Play: Video Games Are Finally Healthy

by Joseph
Goji Play

Goji Play

When the Nintendo Wii came out a few years ago, as you probably remember, some were predicting that it was the end of sedentary video games, and that exercise and video games would soon become one and the same. That didn’t happen, but now the Goji Play is attempting to make the connection between exercise and video games much more concrete.

Essentially, the Goji Play is a set of controllers that you can use to turn your home cardio machine into a video game system, with the help of your iPad and wireless sensors that measure progress—okay, so you need a lot of stuff for this to work, but it’s still pretty cool. And the Goji Play iPad app has a variety of different games that you can morph into exercise. It’s billed as making “30 minutes of exercise feel like 5,” which is certainly a worthwhile function for most people.

For more information on the $100 Goji Play system, as well as how to buy one, check out its official website here.


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