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GoBoat: “Your Personal, Portable Watercraft” (Video)

by Joseph


The thing about a boat is that unless it’s some huge yacht, you need other stuff in order to actually use it—a trailer, for one, not to mention a vehicle to attach it to. The GoBoat seeks to circumvent all that extra hassle as a personal, portable watercraft that can be taken pretty much anywhere.

Portability is the order of the day with the GoBoat, which reportedly “weighs less than most carry-on luggages,” as is ease of assembly. Once you get it inflated (a process that’s supposed to take minutes), it has space for any standard trolling motor, and both sitting and standing positions for those on board.

Affordability is also a big factor in the appeal of the GoBoat, and the first 500 sold through the product’s Kickstarter listing are going for less than $100. You can find that listing as well as a lot more information at the GoBoat site right here, or you can acquaint yourself further by checking out the video below.

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