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Gobites Trio Portable Utensils From Humangear

by Joseph
Gobites Trio

Gobites Trio

I don’t know what your portable utensil game is like, but if you often find yourself out in the world looking haplessly for knife or fork, there may be an inexpensive solution for that problem from Humangear. It’s the Gobites Trio portable utensil set.

Actually, “Gobites Trio” is a surprising understatement from a marketing perspective, since the set really includes more than three items. There’s the knife, fork, and spoon that give the set its name, but there’s also a bottle opener built into the knife, as well as a handy toothpick. This is kind of like if the Fantastic Four called themselves the Terrific Three and then when The Thing showed up everyone was just like “oh wow, this is even better than we expected.” Clever.

You can buy your own Gobites Trio utensil set from Amazon right here for just under $15, or well under four bucks per item (depending on how you count). Goodbye, eating with your fingers.

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