Home Entertainment ‘GOAT’: Movie About Frat Hazing Gets Trailer (Video)

‘GOAT’: Movie About Frat Hazing Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


I was never in a fraternity, and my only knowledge about frat hazing, pledges, “hell week,” and so on is pretty much restricted to the horror stories that come out every year during pledge season. Judging by its trailer GOAT, an upcoming film starring Nick Jonas and James Franco, seems like all of those horror stories rolled into a single motion picture.

GOAT is about the younger brother of a fraternity member who pledges his older bro’s frat, and discovers all the weird-ass rituals that college frats engage in under the guise of weeding out weak recruits. James Franco is involved somehow, I guess as the frat’s resident 40-year-old dude, which is hilarious in and of itself.

You can watch the trailer for GOAT below. The movie comes out in September, but you can see more stuff from MTV on YouTube right here – as they say in the movie, welcome to Hell.

Here’s the trailer:

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