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Go To IPA From Stone Brewing

by Joseph
Stone Brewing Go To IPA

Stone Brewing Go To IPA

The Stone Brewing company is known for their well-crafted IPAs, and their latest is probably not going to rustle any feathers if it’s up to their usual standards. It’s called Go To IPA, a brew that’s engineered for drinking outdoors during the warmer months that are ahead.

The Stone Brewing Go To IPA has the usual array of bitter and hoppy flavor notes, but with an ABV of only 4.5%—so drinkability was a high priority as well. This was accomplished by a technique that Stone refers to as “hop bursting,” which allows for an unusually large amount of hops (and the attendant hop flavor) to be added during the last stage of brewing.

You can get more information on hop bursting, as well as the Go To IPA itself, from Stone Brewing’s website here. And if you want to try some, you can also look up where you can find it for purchase nearest you.

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