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‘Go F*ck!’: The “Mature” Version of Go Fish

by Joseph
Go F*ck!

Go F*ck!

Go Fish is a time-tested way to occupy the minds of children, but the whole enterprise can start to feel a little bit juvenile after a while — “do you have any queens?” “Do you have any jacks?,” etc. Luckily, we live in the year 2016, when no children’s activity goes un-adultified, and now we have Go F*ck!

Go F*ck! is a card game for people mature enough to handle cards that depict various sexual positions in lieu of the usual kings, queens, aces, and whatnot, but not quite mature enough to deal with an uncensored expletive. The deck can also be used to play Porno Password-esque versions of Crazy 8s or even standard card games, if you have the patience to familiarize yourself with the Saddled Swan and Pearl Diving instead of the traditional cards.

With a price tag just under $8, you can grab a deck of Go F*ck! cards for yourself at Amazon right here.

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