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GO CUBES Gummy Coffee Bites

by Joseph


It has been said that if you can chew your coffee, it is definitely too strong. But that was before the advent of GO CUBES Gummy Coffee Bites. They give the chewer a satisfying jolt of caffeine but in a nice, chewable solid form.

The benefits of GO CUBES should be obvious to anyone who’s ever paid 6 bucks for a cup of coffee just so they don’t fall asleep, or anyone who’s been stymied by liquid restrictions at the airport. Plus, they taste like coffee, which is always a plus.

That isn’t just me saying that.  The GO CUBES crowdfunding campaign is currently at 114% of its original goal over at the product’s IndieGoGo listing here, where you can get a lot more information on these wonderful Gummy Coffee Cubes. You can also pre-order yours in various permutations, the cheapest one starting at just $20 for six packs of four. You can also buy in bulk for licensed reselling, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial.

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