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Gnarboards Trail Rider Brings the Speed

by AnthonyP

Gnarboards Trail Rider

Skateboards can go fast, but they can go even faster when they’re motorized.

That brings us to this motorized skateboard, which is designed by Gnarboards and is called the Trail Raider.  It allows its users to pick up some serious speed while hitting the road, and its wheels even allow its users to get some good traction without slipping off.

Priced at $6,100, the Gnarboards Trail Rider is a 64-pound 4WD electric skateboard powered by four electric motors which produce 850 watts of output, each. It’s got enough power to drive 0-28mph in 1.9 seconds. Additionally, the deck can run for 16 miles after a two-hour charge, giving it a lot of play. Finally, to keep you from falling off, the deck comes with Rachet-Style MBS Foot Bindings.

Gnarboards offers more than just one model of motorized skateboard, including the Road Warrior ($5,500) and the Commuter ($4,800) which are no less impressive than the Trail Rider, but a little more forgiving on your wallet.

Source: Gear Patrol

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