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Glowdeck: A Cord-Free Charging Station

by Joseph


It’s possible that in the not too distant future we’ll look back at all those cords we used to have to deal with and wonder how we ever did it. Helping to usher in that exciting cordless future is Glowdeck, a charging station, music player, and notification platform that works without any unsightly cords.

Glowdeck comes in a variety of different colors – walnut, maple, and cherry wood finishes, as well as a blacked out acrylic option. All of which look so handsome, you might be reluctant to take your smartphone away from it. Glowdeck also boasts customizable lighting and notifications settings, giving you updates on its high-visibility display.

You can get a lot more information Glowdeck from the product’s website here.  Included in the website are links to the project’s Kickstarter page, where you can pre-order a Glowdeck starting at $180. But you don’t have to worry about it not getting its Kickstarter funds – as of this writing, they’ve already surpassed their fundraising goal 5 times over.

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