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“Glacier White” PlayStation 4 Slim Coming to Japan and Europe

by Joseph
"Glacier White" PlayStation 4 Slim

"Glacier White" PlayStation 4 Slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim is getting a new look courtesy of Sony, at least to users in Japan and Europe. It’s the “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 Slim, the first alternate color way for the PS4 Slim and one that gives it a blinding, arctic sheen.

The “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 Slim doesn’t have any updated or enhanced technical specs, existing as it does as a purely cosmetic upgrade. But as the photo above demonstrates, it looks pretty darn cool (so to speak), and the only downside is that there are (as of now) no plans to make the console available in North America.

However, the “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 Slim will reportedly drop on January 24th in Japan, followed by a European release about a month after that on February 23rd. So keep your eyes peeled if you happen to find yourself in either of those regions—but please, remember to be careful about snow blindness.

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