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Givenchy Graphic Tees For Spring/Summer 2013

by Joseph

givenchy spring 2013 graphic t-shirts

As part of their collection of styles for the spring and summer of 2013, clothing brand Givenchy is releasing a new line of graphic t-shirts. The line consists of three distinct t-shirts, each with their own fashionable styles, making this more than just your average collection of t-shirts.

The first two shirts both have solid, three-dimensional stars printed along the neckline and are available in black or pink (left and center in image above). The third shirt (right in the image above) is called the “Paisley and Plane-Print Cotton Tee,” and it looks a lot like what you’d imagine a shirt with such a name would.

All three of the graphic tees from Givenchy are available now at MR. PORTER for anywhere between $350 and $750.

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