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Gita Cargo Robot

by Joseph
Gita via Uncrate

Gita via Uncrate

The familiar expression “I’ve only got two hands” speaks to how much time and energy we humans spend on lugging stuff from one place to another. What if you had a small robotic friend or sidekick that could carry stuff around for you? Well, with Gita, you can find out.

Gita is a personal cargo carrying robot that can purportedly carry “cumbersome belongings” and follow you wherever you go, so you can devote all that energy to other things—like Words With Friends, for instance, or maintaining a daily robot journal (note: I do not know what a robot journal is).

Gita won’t be officially introduced until tomorrow, so stay tuned to the Piaggio Fast Forward site right here for more precious details on a robot that might make sure you never lose your keys again.  Then again, I suppose it’s also possible that it could run off with your keys and hide them somewhere, so you better stay vigilant.

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