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Girl Scout S’mores Available This Year in Two Flavors

by Joseph
Girl Scout S'mores

Girl Scout S'mores

There are very few people on this planet who have been alive long enough to remember a time before Girl Scout Cookies. As it happens, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the cookies, and to celebrate the occasion there are two new varieties of Girl Scout S’mores coming to sales catalogs at your door and in front of restaurants this year.

The two kinds of Girl Scout S’mores are ABC Bakers Girl Scout S’mores and Little Brownie Bakers Girl Scout S’mores (pictured above). The former are chocolate coated graham cracker marshmallow sandwiches in the agreed-upon S’mores formation, while the latter are more traditional chocolate and marshmallow sandwich cookies.  Both of them are sure to be delicious, eaten a dozen at a time during a particularly lonely afternoon.

You can “meet” the new Girl Scout S’mores as well as the rest of the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie line at the cookies’ official site right here.


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