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Ginvent Calendar: A Gin-Filled Advent Calendar

by Joseph
Ginvent Calendar

Ginvent Calendar

I don’t know how many people out there are familiar with the tradition of the Advent calendar, so here’s a brief recap: In the 24 days leading up to Christmas, you open up a little square for each corresponding day, finding a chocolate or small toy inside (this can also be gussied up with religious significance to the user’s preference). Fun, but not much there for a drinker – at least not until the advent (sorry) of the Ginvent Calendar.

The Ginvent Calendar is the product of the fine people at Drinks by the Dram, and as you probably already guessed, each day on the calendar is filled, not with chocolate, but with a different 3cl sample of gin. It probably won’t get you drunk, unless you decide to celebrate all 24 days of Advent at once, in which case, have a good time.

As you can probably also guess, the Ginvent Calendar isn’t as cheap as a traditional Advent calendar, priced at just a little bit under $147 at the Drinks by the Dram online store right here.

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