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Gingko Solar Tree iPhone and iPad Solar Charger

by Joseph
Gingko Solar Tree

Gingko Solar Tree

Most solar chargers put an emphasis on functionality (assuming they’re thoughtfully designed at all), so it’s rare to see one that makes anything resembling a visual impression while it charges your stuff with the sun. The Gingko Solar Tree is different, though, taking its cues from the Japanese gingko so that it looks good as well as provides a valuable and environmentally friendly service.

As you can see in the photo above, the Gingko Solar Tree has a clean, minimalist design that goes along with the clean solar power it can use to charge your Apple devices. And the trunk you see isn’t some faux-wood plastic, but actual bamboo, which joins with aluminum and plastic to make the charger.

If you have $120 handy and a desire to stop sucking money out through your wall with your iPhone, you can head over to the BiteMyApple online store here and pick up your Gingko Solar Tree now.

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