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Gilt Unveils Smartwatch Designed by Michael Bastian

by Joseph
Gilt Michael Bastian Smartwatch

Gilt Michael Bastian Smartwatch

Luxury online retailer Gilt has unveiled plans to release a new smartwatch from fashion designer Michael Bastian and the engineers at Hewlett-Packard. Details on the watch are scarce, but it is set to be available from Gilt sometime this fall, so let’s go over a quick rundown of what we do know.

Since this is a Hewlett-Packard smartwatch, it’s safe to say that it will be able to do pretty much anything a smartwatch is expected to be able to do in 2014. That means you can check email or texts with it, and receive updates on news, weather, sports, or whatever other real-time information is available on the internet. But more importantly than that regarding this particular smartwatch is its sexy design from Michael Bastian, which you can get a little taste of in the photo up at the top.

That photo comes courtesy of Gilt here, where you can sign up to receive more information on the Michael Bastian smartwatch as it becomes available.

(via Uncrate)

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