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GiiNii AudioBulb Wireless Speaker Light Bulb

by Joseph


It seems like just about anything can be connected to your iPhone or iPod these days. Now, you can add “light bulb” to that list, thanks to the Audiobulb. This wireless speaker/light bulb allows for up to eight light bulbs in your house to also act as speakers, broadcasting your playlists and podcasts to any area of your house where light reaches.

The Audiobulb also allows you to dim or brighten the lights with your iPhone, which connects to the Audiobulb completely wirelessly. Pretty good idea, no? It was probably like a light bulb coming on in the inventor’s head.

The GiiNii AudioBulb Wireless Light Bulb Audio System is currently available at Amazon for $300.  For more information on the product, check out the video below.

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