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Gibbs Amphitrucks: Go All the Way Off-Road Through Water (Photos)

by Joseph
Gibbs Amphitrucks

When people talk about “off-road capabilities,” they’re generally referring to hills, sand, or otherwise rough terrain, and not under any circumstances water. But a new line of vehicles from Gibbs is adding water travel to its already impressive list of rugged travel utilities, and it has a cool name to boot – Gibbs Amphitrucks.

One might be tempted to say that Gibbs Amphitrucks look like regular 4×4 trucks when they’re on the road, but in reality they don’t really look like anything else out there – unmistakably boat-like in shape, even when they’re not cruising at up to thirty miles an hour over the surface of the water. That’s especially true of the larger Phibian model, joined by the smaller Humdinga.

You can see both models of the Gibbs Amphitrucks line of seafaring trucks in the gallery below. Release details like pricing are still to come, but a little bit more information on the trucks can be found here at the official Gibbs site.

Here’s the gallery:

Gibbs AmphitrucksGibbs AmphitrucksGibbs Amphitrucks


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