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Giant 19-Foot Cigar Sold For $185,000

by Joseph

gran habano el gigante

Is there such a thing as a cigar that’s too big? That would appear to be the inherent question posed by Gran Habano #5 El Gigante, a 19-foot long, 3-foot wide cigar originally made as a display gimmick for trade shows but that has now fallen into the hands of an anonymous buyer.

The cigar, which weighs around 1,600 pounds and is said to be the equivalent of 25,000 regular cigars, was purchased from Juan Panesso, owner of CigarsDirect.com. The buyer paid a reported $185,000 for El Gigante – which may seem like a lot until you consider that’s $15,000 less than its estimated value. So it was really a pretty good deal, actually.

Not much is known about this anonymous purchaser, other than the fact that he lives outside the United States. Oh, and that he now owns a giant cigar.

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