Home Tech & Gear Giant 160-Inch Curved Screen Racing Simulator (Video)

Giant 160-Inch Curved Screen Racing Simulator (Video)

by Joseph

Giant F1 Simulation Screen

Even if you’re not into video games OR Formula One racing, you’ll have to admit that this is a pretty cool piece of hardware. As you can see from the above photo, the giant curved screen designed for Formula One racing simulations allows for an immersive experience in the way that playing a video game on your TV just can’t provide.

That curved screen from Norman Design goes a long way toward making you feel like you’re really on the track and in the action because of the way it duplicates peripheral vision that is normally missing from regular screens (a similar principle can be found in IMAX movie theaters). The whole set can be yours for $114,285, or you can just buy the screen without the software and F1 simulator for approximately $28,570, if you so choose.

For a closer look at the 160-inch curved screen racing simulator, check out the video below.

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