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Giacinto: “The First Quality DIY Loudspeaker”

by Joseph


Making your own speakers is kind of like having a conversation with a pair of tin cans and a piece of string in the audiophile world, but now there’s a way to craft a DIY sound system with a premium placed on audio quality. It’s Giacinto, billed by its inventor as “the first quality DIY loudspeaker.”

The idea behind Giacinto is that consumers and listeners alike will benefit by knowing exactly how the sounds coming out of their speakers work. So the sound system is assembled by the user in a process akin to the one popularized by IKEA. The speakers themselves are encased in distinctive and recycled leather skins and the system is available with so many customization options that the DIY label isn’t a misnomer.

Pre-orders start at $33 at the Giacinto Kickstarter listing here, where it’s got a lot of money left to raise in about three weeks.

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