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‘GhostPaint’ VR Graffiti App From Epic Games

by Joseph


VR graffiti is so hot right now. The latest app to capitalize on this trend is from Epic Games, the developers of Unreal Engine, and it’s called GhostPaint, a cool title that evokes the “ghostman” moniker in Blackhat (or maybe that’s just me).

Designed for the HTC Vive, GhostPaint will let you explore a wide variety of virtual locales, begging for you to leave your mark on the fake world. These locales include classic street art standbys like alleys and overpasses, all rendered in photorealistic detail. Stencils, spray paint, airbrushes, and unlimited quantities of paint in any color imaginable are also available, thanks to the limitless physical potential of virtual reality.

You can get more information on the game by reading up on GhostPaint right here in advance of its release on Steam VR sometime in the near future. Hopefully, street art will survive the “Video Killed the Radio Star” scenario that may be approaching.

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