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Get Your Face on Toast With Toasted Selfies

by Joseph
Toasted Selfies

Toasted SelfiesUsually when you think of people’s faces being on toast, it’s Jesus or the Virgin Mary or someone like that, and it’s not what you’d call a crystal-clear image. But the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation is putting the people where before only Gods could go, with Toasted Selfies.

Toasted Selfies basically works like this – you send them a selfie, they send you a toaster, that will etch that selfie on the slice of bread you put into it. Light, dark, however you like your toast – as long as you like it with your face. You have to admit, it beats spreading butter and jam on your mirror every morning.

You can get started by going to the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation’s Toasted Selfies site here, where you can upload a photo and place an order on your custom selfie toaster. They cost $75, and come in a variety of different colors. Next stop: Sainthood.

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