Home Entertainment ‘Get Out’ Alternate Ending Leaks Online (Video)

‘Get Out’ Alternate Ending Leaks Online (Video)

by Joseph
Get Out Alternate Ending

Get Out Alternate Ending

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is one of the best movies of the year, and its incredible box office performance vouches for its quality as a true crowdpleaser. But I wonder if it would have been as popular if it had made it to theaters with its original ending intact – now, fans can debate this point by watching the Get Out alternative ending for themselves.

One of Jordan Peele’s state influences for his debut film is Night of the Living Dead, which memorably ends with its black protagonist surviving a night of zombie attacks only to be gunned down by racist police officers. The Get Out alternative ending feels much closer to that ending than the one that ended up in the film, and it’s hard to imagine audiences accepting this bleak conclusion as eagerly as they do the more optimistic one in the movie.

The Get Out alternate ending will be available on the upcoming Blu-ray of the film, but if you can’t wait until that comes out tomorrow you can see the leaked clip below.


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