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Gest: Wearable Technology for Hand-Based Computer Control

by Joseph


I don’t know this for sure, but I’m reasonably certain that tech companies have been promising gestural computer control technology since about five minutes after Minority Report came out more than 12 years ago. But that bar hasn’t quite been reached, at least until Gest came around.

You wear Gest on your hand, and once you do you’re able to control a wide range of computers and mobile devices with unbound three-dimensional hand gestures – points, swipes, flicks, grabs, and maybe even a punch or two will be at your disposal. And since the whole thing is programmable, you decide what gestures you use and what they do – a good four decades before the era depicted in Minority Report.

You can get more information on Gest at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where for the next two and a half weeks you can pre-order yours at $99 and up. Shipments begin in November of next year, when you’ll be solving future murders in no time.

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