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George’s Bar Based on ‘Seinfeld’ Character Opens in Australia

by Joseph
George's Bar

George's Bar

George Costanza was never what you’d call an entrepreneurial personality, content instead to squeak by at whatever do-little job he most recently managed to luck into in between naps under his desk. But that didn’t stop an annoying hard worker in Australia from opening up George’s Bar in Melbourne, Australia.

George’s Bar is a place where Costanziacs of all stripes can meet, drink, and be merry – in other words, do three things that George Costanza spends most of his waking time trying to avoid at all costs. Menu items include the Art Vandelay sandwich and the Draped in Velvet cocktail, and naturally there’s a Frogger cabinet for any would-be record-breakers in the house.

Even if you’re not going to be in Australia any time soon, you can get a vicarious taste of George’s Bar at the place to be’s official site right here. And a happy belated Festivus to independent Georges all over the world.

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