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Gboard: Use Google Without Leaving Texts Behind

by Joseph


If you’ll forgive me, a quick hypothetical scenario: You’re texting the girl (or whoever) of your dreams, and she drops a reference to film composer Lalo Schifrin, of whom she says she is “a big fan.” You panic, having no clue who Lalo Schifrin is or any movies or television shows he scored. Normally, you would close the text window to perform a quick Google search, but you don’t want her even to suspect that’s what you’re doing. With Gboard, you can do that Google search right there with your texting keyboard, quickly enough to reply “oh yeah, Enter the DragonI love him.”

Gboard is a free app for iOS devices that can make the scenario above and many others like it come true, thanks to its integrated Google keyboard (hence the name) that lets you look up facts, flight times, trivia, and just the right animated GIF to up your texting game considerably.

You can get Gboard for free at the iTunes Store right here. Just make sure that none of your friends notice how much smarter you seem to be in text messages compared to real life.

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