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Gateau Mignon Kit Kat Bars are Filled with Cake

by Joseph
Gateau Mignon Kit Kat

Gateau Mignon Kit Kat

Ah, the Kit Kat bar, a decadent treat if enjoyed properly, that is, by eating all three bars at once and making no apologies. In Japan, though, Nestle has been experimenting with new ways to manufacture the Kit Kat bar, as with the new Gateau Mignon Kit Kat with a premium cake filling.

The Gateau Mignon Kit Kat was reportedly developed by renowned pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi to be sold at the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Japan. And unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any plans for a wider release – but maybe if you close your eyes and imagine really hard you can taste these cake-filled wafers (wafer-filled cakes) almost as if you were eating one.

For now, stay tuned to the Chocolatory’s official site right here for more information on the Gateau Mignon Kit Kat, where you can also plan a visit to the store if you happen to be in Tokyo or Seibu Ikebukuro any time soon.

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