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Garden Igloo All-Season Geodesic Dome

by Joseph
Garden Igloo

Garden Igloo

I’m pretty sure that back in the 1950s it was believed that by 2015 we’d all be living in geodesic domes for a while. That dream, unfortunately for dome-lovers, never came true, but the Garden Igloo is making it possible for that dream to be taken back in some small way.

The Garden Igloo is designed to be at home in almost any yard or garden (yarden?), made from sturdy PVC and nylon. It’s also built as a cool enclosure (with included shade canopy) in the summer and warm enclosure in the winter, with 12 feet in diameter and seven feet in height at its tallest point, so space will not be a premium if you keep your wits about you.

And at about $1,000, the Garden Igloo is arguably cheaper than it looks, which I suppose is one of the other benefits of geodesic domes in the first place. You can order yours, or just get some more information, at the product’s website right here.

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