Home Entertainment “Gangnam Style, Remix Style”: Psy Releases EP of Remixes

“Gangnam Style, Remix Style”: Psy Releases EP of Remixes

by Joseph
Gangnam Style Remix Style

Gangnam Style Remix Style

Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is famously the most-watched video on YouTube, and that’s just the beginning of its cultural ascension. The next step, apparently, is an EP of new remixes featuring artists like Diplo, Afrojack, 2 Chainz, and more.

The EP is called Gangnam Style Remix Style, and was released today on iTunes for digital download. The EP consists of four different remixes of the song, and includes an official “Gangnam Style” instrumental, so all of you amateur scratchers and karaoke-ers can really get nuts.

You can check out the EP on iTunes here, where it’s going for only $2.99 (that’s less than the cost of three of the tracks separately, not a bad deal).

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